Sushipico is a set of cube-shaped sushi art started in 2015. The creator, cocopon is an OSS committer and the supervisor of Japanese edition of “Generative Design”. We'd like to share the beauty of sushi and the cuteness of pixel art with many people through this project.

Sushipico Set

“Sushipico Set” is a generative art that serves six pieces of sushi. The number of combinations generated from seeds is enormous and all of them are unique. Enjoy the comfortable interaction of the small artwork!

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  • When will the artwork be available for sale?
    It will be released on Jan 14th, 19:00(PST) / Jan 15th, 12:00(JST).
  • How is Sushipico Set made?

    Built a custom 2.5D physics engine from scratch. Uses WebGL, the latest web technology, for rendering via PixiJS.

    We will donate 10% of the proceeds to related OSS projects in a verifiable way.

  • Tell me about past activities of Sushipico.
    The creator have published various games, arts, and items in Pixel Art Park, one of the largest pixel art events in Japan. Please check out About page for details.
  • What are the terms of use?
    CC BY-NC-SA. NFT holders are free to use their artwork for personal, non-commercial purposes.


  • cocopon
    Creator of Sushipico, front-end design / development
    OSS committer; Tweakpane, Iceberg, Llumino, etc. Former-lecturer of generative art at Tama Art University.
  • Toshi
    Public relations, project management
    CEO of TART K.K., some of representative projects include function draw(), Okazz's Generative Art NFT, and Gemerativemasks.
  • vividot
    Smart contract development
    NFT veteran, has been in NFT since February 2021. His free Vividot NFT Gacha is very famous in Japan and has been minted nearly 80,000 times.
  • mamedai
    Planning, relations
    Japanese game developer, from a planning background. Has experience in a developing console and mobile games.

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